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Jenn Malecha welcomes you to her My Triad Aer page.
My Triad Aer brings you clean, fresh air - 
right into ANY indoor living/work space.

Providing Indoor Air Protection, Anywhere, Anytime!

Why Does Jenn Malecha care about your indoor air?
Bad, or polluted indoor air is responsible for so many illnesses that there are too many to list here.
Your doctor knows that healing, and staying healthy begins with the very air you breathe. 
Unlike HEPA Filters, Triad Aer technology CREATES clean, fresh air - NO filters involved.
Just watch the video to learn how it works!

ASK our AI Bot below ANY Question about Indoor Air Pollution!

Quick-Start Tips
Good questions = Good answers!

Ask about MOLD if you suspect it to be in your indoor environment

Example: "How can My Triad Aer V3 Technology remove mold from my home (or office)?

Ask about the dust and pollen particles in your air

Example: "How does the My Triad Aer V3 remove the dust and pollen particles from my air?"


Ask about allergies, asthma or other respiratory inflammatory elements you might be battling with

Example: "How does the My Triad Aer V3 remove the dust and pollen particles from my air?" or "What are VOC gasses?"

  You Have Questions?
Our Bot Has The Answers!


The Four My Triad Aer Products:
The products below can be purchased with a 20% DISCOUNT provided to you
courtesy of Jenn Malecha and My Triad Aer.
The discount will show up automatically in the shopping cart.
Each product must be purchased individually.
Triad Aer V3
Your Price: $1036
You save $259!

$1,295 (MSRP)
FREE Shipping!


Triad Aer MINI
Your Price: $119.20
You save $29.80!

$149 (MSRP)
FREE Shipping!


Triad Air GO
Your Price: $119.20
You save $29.80!

$149 (MSRP)
FREE Shipping!


Triad Aer Shield
Your Price: $119.20
You save $29.80!

$149 (MSRP)
FREE Shipping!


Helpful Videos - Setup and Cleaning of your Products:
Setting Up The V3

Info About V3

Cleaning the V3

V3 Manual

Cleaning the MINI Aer

Info About MINIAer


Curtis - San Francisco


Bought one of these units 3 years ago and think the remote is the coolest thing to come with an air purifier. My wife says if we ever move, the Triad is the only thing that can't be left behind.

Keller Williams - NY


Bought a bunch of these units in NYC and we lend them to our real estate agents to get rid of odors in smelly listins. Let's just say we LOVE the Triad Aer and so do our agents.

Amy K. - Portland


Best air purifier on the market and I have bought quite a few over the years. The Triad Aer is very quiet and makes a world of difference in the quality of air in my house. Say Hello to clean air and goodbye to allergies.

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